The Red Tent Project was co-founded by sisters Natalie and Alana Bennett after an initial trip to East Africa in 2015 where Alana volunteered in orphanages, primary schools, slums, refugee camps and with HIV+ women. While there she saw, and heard, about the impact inadequate feminine hygiene had on young women and communities at large. Based on feedback from the local communities, she provided students and women with menstrual cups and reproductive-health educational tools. After monitoring the positive impact and huge demand for menstrual cups, she is now aiming to take the project to the next level.

The Red Tent Project has since developed strategic partnerships and distribution channels in Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, and the Western Sahara. Goals for 2017 are to further expand their partnerships to South Africa and to start an initiative locally in British Columbia, helping women in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

We strongly believe that when women are educated, it changes their contribution to their families, communities and the world.